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DOWNBEAT's Best of New Albums of 2015 4-STAR REVIEW December 2015 DOWNBEAT Available on / iTunes / Amazon   ELECTRONIC PRESS KIT    "Terrific!"Will Friedwald, WALL STREET JOURNAL   This recording is quintessential jazz -- live, with all the freedom of spontaneous expression that offers. Brilliant.Grady Harp, AMAZON   ...everyone involved makes the familiar sound brand new. That's especially true of the leader with this fluid attack and varied phrasing. Newcomb's intention to record live... for maximum spontaneity in real time. He's succeeded.Jon Garelick, DOWNBEAT   Larry Newcomb is a seriously talented jazz guitarist (who also teaches guitar). Live Intentionally, the new album from Larry Newcomb Quartet, was recorded live in the studio, without overdubs. There are three tracks written by Larry Newcomb, all placed together on the CD. The first, “Thanks Jack!,” is one of my favorite tracks on the album. It has such a joyous vibe. And then “Sure Thing” has a kind of cool, even sly vibe, which I really like. This music just makes me feel good. “Instant Water,” the third original composition, begins with some delightful, playful work on guitar. It feels like the guitar itself is smiling. And I love the piano lead, which really takes over the track, as well as those brief, but wonderful, drum solo spots. ...      Read the Article Michael Doherty Music Log -- Sharing My Love of Music   Not content with a PhD in music history, this jazzbo guitarist went on to study under Bucky Pizzarelli, Pat Martino, Howard Roberts and others. The sum total he gives us here is a snappy, dazzling set where he offers up smart originals, hoary tunes that have been given new life as he takes them off the respirator and interpretations by pioneers as diverse as Charlie Parker and Carla Bley. Quite the snazzy offering throughout! Jazz guitar fans will be able to stop crowing about Wes for a minute as their ears stop them in their tracks to figure out where this new sound is coming from. Well done. by Chris Spector, Editor and Publisher   BEST OF BRAZIL--For Information on the best of Brazilian music:   ELECTRONIC PRESS KIT   For More Reviews Please Go to Live! Blog where you'll also find: ELECTRONIC PRESS KIT FULL BIOGRAPHY LINKS NOTABLE QUOTES PERFORMANCE DATES PHOTOS PRESS PUBLICATIONS RECORDINGS REVIEWS: LIVE Intentionally! VIDEO and AUDIO CLIPS   NATIONAL PRESS CAMPAIGN: JIMᅠEIGO, JAZZ PROMO SERVICES 272 State Route 94 South #1,
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