Jazz Guitar Studies


Concert-Lecture Series

Larry Newcomb, Guitar and Presentation

Joe Vincent Tranchina, Piano and Presentation


Specifically Designed for Each Venue

A Typical Program:



1.        HOW HIGH THE MOON demonstrates Charlie Parker’s creation of a bebop

           Head founded upon the harmonic structure of a popular song (H H T Moon).



2.        SUMMERTIME demonstrates the difference between Joe’s jazz arrangement

           and the popular rendition of Summertime from PORGY & BESS.



3.        THE SUMMER KNOWS demonstrates the difference between the song as

           heard in the film “The Summer of ‘42” and an arrangement in Latin rhythm.



4.        INSTANT WATER demonstrates a new composition based on an existing the jazz



5.        IPANEMA is Joe’s re-harmonization of this very popular Bossa Nova.



6.        GOLD TOP demonstrates a BLUES riff influenced by the great funk bands.



7.        ALL OF ME in C minor demonstrates Joe’s re-casting in a minor key of a

           popular song usually performed in a major key.



8.        BOOGIE WALTZETTE demonstrate Joe’s composition based on Rhythmic




9.        TAKE FIVE demonstrates jazz usage of odd time signatures in this case “5/4”



10.     ROUTE 66 is a BLUES “travelogue.”


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