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Jazzrguitar  performer and educato  LarryNewcombsplays  classic & original jazzand blues.. Larry'ssJune 2017 release LIVING TRIBUTE is  receiving abundant national airpla and enthusiastic reviews.y Hism2015 album  LIVE Intentionally! earned a four-star review in DOWNBEAT and was voted One of the Best New Albums of 2015


 Larr  hasalso  contributed a wealth of electric & acoustic guitarstylingssboth,t and o   gigs with Bucky Pizzarelli   JackWilkins, his own Larry Newcomb Duo, Trio  andQuartet, with Ray Blue and with Joe Vincent Tranchina.. Newcombehas  studied with guitar masters BuckyPizzarelli,oPatsMartino, Howard Roberts and Mark Elf.


Newcomb’s  affable performing style is informed by a PhD inmusicd&  a seasoned master’s understanding of the jazz idiom andits history..

Larry Newcomb, Ph.D.
(917) 623-2095


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